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I am very delighted to welcome you to “Navigating the Financial Path — The 30-Day Personal Finance Improvement Challenge.” This is a journey that will guide you to:

  • Learn how to effectively use, manage and control finances. 
  • Be empowered to grow, multiply and enhance your financial potential.

You will walk through a proven step-by-step guided process of learning and taking proactive actions to improve your ability to attract, use, grow, and protect money.

Are you ready to make improvements in your financial life?

Yours Sincerely,
Dr. Charles Barugahare

The 30-Day Personal Finance Improvement Challenge


Finance (money) is something that almost everyone wants, but not everyone knows how to get and manage well.

It all boils down to two significant keys:

  1. Financial Education
  2. Taking Action. 

They have the power to enhance your ability to attract, effectively use, grow, and protect your finances.

Be empowered  to grow into the right “Version of You.” 

The bottom line: The day you start to improve your financial education (knowledge and skills), and begin to take action, is the very day you will kick-start the journey to improve your personal financial situation.

The Course entitles you to

  • Training Videos for each specific day 
  • “The 30-Day Personal Finance Improvement Challenge” ebook
  • Bonus Session: Numbers Powering Your Financial Improvement Journey
  • Bonus ebook: “9 Pillars to Exploit Your Potential: A Guide to Self-Improvement”
  • The team will answer your questions.

Upon completion of the challenge, you will have learned

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