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FinanceLIP is a product of Retirement Life Hub dedicated to Serving Clients to Manage and Improve their Finances. The reality is that 49% of working people retire as financial dependants on family, friends, and the community says Bbosa Musa Mpungu. This situation can gradually and consistently be changed if we learn and take appropriate financial actions.

The foundation of any action is rooted in the decisions we make.  No financial changes can happen at all in our lives unless we make strong decisions to create financial changes in our lives.

Dr. Charles Barugahare, Team Leader – FinanceLIP

About US

What is FinanceLIP

FinanceLIP (Finance Literacy Improvement Program) is under Retirement Life Hub (RLH) an organisation established to provide knowledge, skills, and tools to individuals for financial preparedness; empowerment to remain active and productive; and to promote essential sustainable relationships.

FinanceLIP Services


Feeling the need to control your finances? FinanceLIP will help. Our focus is on financial literacy and empowerment, giving you the tools to help you manage your money effectively.

Financial Courses and training

Our courses teach personal finance fundamentals and practical actions to help you manage your money effectively. We cover various topics like budgeting, saving, and investing, among others

Outright Financial Matters Webinar Series

Our Monthly Series offer expert insights on financial literacy with tailored sessions that address diverse topics. The impact is being created in the areas of how we effectively use, attract, grow, and protect money.

Financial Learning Materials

Our curated resources—books, articles, videos, and audios—are meticulously researched, updated, and verified. They include real-life examples and engaging activities, saving time while offering practical learning and application.

Financial Advisory

Our advisory services evolved from regular financial consultations, now offering coaching, mentorship, asset management, retirement planning, and more, both physically and online.

Our Clientele

Here are some of the clients (Organisations) we have worked with. We work with several other individuals



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The 30-Day Personal Finance Improvement Challenge Course

Our Posts

Our Posts

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The Money Crisis (ecopy)

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The Self Love Handbook (ecopy)

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101 Self Help Tips (eCopy)

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4 Empowering Steps to Financial Discipline Fitness (eCopy)

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Break Expenses – Rising to Outpace Income (eCopy)

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9 Pillars to Exploit your Potential (ebook)

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